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Sense of Hearing in Infants

DECEMBER 13, 2022

Hearing is an important sense that develops in infants early on in life. In fact, a baby's hearing begins to develop while they are still in the womb. By the time a baby is born, their ears are fully formed and functional, allowing them to hear and respond to sounds from the world around them.

During the first few months of life, a baby's hearing continues to develop and become more refined. They are able to distinguish between different sounds and can begin to pick out individual words and sounds. This is an important step in their language development and allows them to start building their vocabulary.

As a baby's hearing continues to develop, they will be able to respond to sounds more accurately and can even start to distinguish between different pitches and tones. This is important for their ability to understand and communicate with others. Using rattles and other sound toys can help to develop this further.

One way that parents can support their baby's hearing development is by talking to them and exposing them to a variety of sounds. This can include reading books out loud, playing music, or simply having conversations with the baby. It is also important to monitor their hearing and have regular check-ups with a doctor to ensure that their hearing is developing properly.

Overall, hearing development in infants is an important aspect of their overall development and can have a significant impact on their ability to communicate and interact with the world around them. By supporting their hearing development and ensuring that they have regular check-ups, parents can help their baby to reach their full potential.

  • Author - Dr. Dinesh Nehete, (Founder En-Reach Parenting)

  • Co-Author - Ajay Vaidya

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