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Why Choose This Box?

Pincer Puzzle:

Develops pincer grip for holding objects between thumb and index finger.

Encourages exploration and dexterity with wooden material.

Promotes independence as children stop mouthing objects.

Rolling Rattle:

Promotes movement during tummy time for head and neck control development.

Stimulates crawling ability and motor skill development.

Provides tactile sensation with gentle rattling sound of wooden balls.

Egg Rattle:

Enhances grasp reflex and fine motor skills development.

Teaches cause and effect through soothing rattle sound.

Fosters hand-eye coordination and independent play.

Flash Cards:

Improves cognitive development and awareness of the world.

Enhances fine motor skills and stimulates independent thinking.

Increases confidence through interactive learning and self-discovery.

Pincer puzzle, Rattles and Flash cards combo

₹1,899.00 Regular Price
₹1,599.00Sale Price